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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Feeding Your Dog - Some Advice!

The Do's and Don't of Feeding Your Dog.

If there is one question that has been debated and scrutinized over the years, it would be: "What should you feed your dog and when?" I will briefly describe proper techniques and habits to avoid when feeding your dog.

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Can dogs eat scraps from the table?

Yes, would be the very simple answer. Dogs can have table scraps, but there are proper ways to go about it.

  • You should never give dogs scraps directly from the table. Always give them left-overs and place them where they would normally eat, as to not confuse your dining table as their own food source.

  • Always check to see what you are feed your dog because their are some foods that they shouldn't eat. Some of these foods will include:

    • Eggs of any kind
    • Grapes
    • Chocolate

    These foods can be harmful to the dog in a multitude of ways. For the Eggs and Grapes, there are certain compounds and minerals contained in them that can not be digested by your dog. This will lead to a build-up in the dogs stomach and intestines, which can cause complications. Chocolate contains the chemical, theobromine, which is extremely toxic to dogs. If enough is digested by your dog, it can cause heart failure and can even lead to your dog's death.

Another thing to pay attention to is the type of bones you are giving your dog. Raw bones are better to give to your dog than cooked bones because they are less likely to splinter. Splintering bones can cause damage to your dog's gums. Another type of bone to avoid giving your dog are chicken bones. A quick guide would look something like this:

  • Make sure the bone is 10 inches or longer
  • 3-6 inches thick (to prevent swallowing)
  • Raw bones (not cooked)

dog boneInfo For Dog Safe Bones

Can dogs have snacks?

Yes, dogs can have snacks and it is encouraged to give your dog treats periodically throughout the day so that they do not get hungry. This also forms a bond of trust between you and your dog. Feeding your dog lets them know that you are their caretaker. Dogs are just like us and they get hungry, so feeding them between meals is highly recommended.

Are chew toys considered food/treats?

No, but they can be used as a great training tool. Chew toys are seen as outlets for some dogs. They can help them release emotions that have accumulated over time. They are seen as something they can beat up and comp on as much as they like without any repercussions. The chew toys allow the dog to get out their feelings on something that can't be hurt, ridding them of those pent up emotions and allowing them to be the more loving and caring souls that we generally know them to be. Certain toys can also be great for cleaning your dog's boneTeeth Cleaning Toys

Can dogs get obese?

Yes, like us, dogs are not immune to overeating and thus, can get obese. Always try to limit your dog's food intake and make sure they get plenty of exercise as to avoid the issue of canine obesity. Another great tip to avoiding this problem is to research the food you are feeding your dog. Some foods contain fats and other chemicals that are not good for the dog and make them gain weight faster. I personally feed my dog Blue Buffalo. I like it because instead of using corn or wheat as the main ingredient, they use chicken and other forms of more lean proteins. This allows your dog to get all their essential nutrients while eating something that tastes great to them! Always look for a dog food that uses natural proteins such as:

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Fish
Michael John Kulick
My goal with this venture is to give these pets a fighting chance in finding a good home for them and to let people know about the health benefits that come with owning a pet. I believe that every is unique and that each dog can cater to different people.

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