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Monday, February 5, 2018

Interview Susan Barnes (Owner of MyTDog)

The Dog Trainer

Susan Barnes Dock Dogs Champion

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Des Moines based dog trainer, Susan Barnes. She is the owner and head trainer of MyTDog (Mighty Dog).

Motivation to Train

During my talk with Sue Barnes, one of the primary was, "how do you keep dog training fresh over the years? How do you remain motivated and still enjoy getting up doing this every single day?" Her response made me smile and feel motivated. She said that, "Every case (she) takes is different and that is what keeps it fresh." She cannot approach every dog one way. She has to take into consideration the owner, their home life, how much time the owner spends with them, and many other factors that play a role in developing a dog’s behavior.

Communication with Pets and Humans

Susan comes up with the best course of action for how to adjust the dog’s behavior and help the family learn how to communication with their pet. With the goal being that the dog can interact in society and with their family within healthy boundaries. However, Sue doesn’t just train the dog, she trains the owner as well. She makes sure that the owner knows why the dog was acting the way it did and tells them how they can improve behavior going forward, aside from her help.

Sue Barnes Dog Trainer

Susan genuinely loves getting to know her clients. She gets to know the dog's owner. She has a background in social work and uses that background to relate and empathize. She gets to know what their life is like so she can find a way to relate to them and present the info she has found in a way that makes sense. This, coupled with Sue’s experience is a formula for success and is why so many of the dogs she trains show improvement, not that they never have behavioral issues again, but that they can become a family that communicates and the dogs show drastic improvement.

susan barnes pet trainer des moines iowa


After hearing stories of training and drastic, immediate, and long lasting improvement; I was not at all surprised at the amount of detail Sue goes into when she is training a dog. She seems like the type of person that once they get into something, they put their all into it until they become experts and have mastered it. I hope to be like this one day and talking to Sue has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen if you simply put all of your effort into something you enjoy. Whether that be sports or school, you can always get better and reach new heights.

MyTDog Susan Sue Barnes Dog e-collar trainer

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My goal with this venture is to give these pets a fighting chance in finding a good home for them and to let people know about the health benefits that come with owning a pet. I believe that every is unique and that each dog can cater to different people.

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